2016 Orchid Speakers Day

August 13, 2016. Orchid Speakers Day. Organized by the Rocky Mountain Judging Center.

Location: Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, 1980 Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80220.

A full day of orchid fun – lectures by experts, opportunity to buy plants, and orchid judging – all in one day. Watch this page for updates with specifics about the program and registration information. Preliminary program:

brendaBrenda Oviatt will speak about her favorite orchids – what else could they be but the Angreacums and their relatives? She, together with her husband, owns Botanica Ltd in Missoula MT, which specializes in species orchids. You can find out what Brenda grows (and sells) on her website: www.botanicaltd.com. We don’t know the title yet for her talk, but rest assured, we will include it in the invitation and final program.

RussIt has been said that to learn how to grow orchids, is accomplished by killing many of them. Russ Vernon, who appropriately shows here what is so important about successful orchid cultivation – the roots! – is an expert how to grow them. We might guess that Russ has killed many in the learning process. He will give a talk for beginners on the best way to kill a Phalaenopsis.  Well, there are many ways, and I am sure that Russ will explain. This talk should be expected to be humorous. More so than Russ’ other talks. Russ is the owner of New Vision Orchids. You will enjoy inspecting the web site for the orchid company: www.newvisionorchids.com. He specializes in Odontoglossum and Phalaenopsis breeding and has received many awards for his plants.

John in Clown WigJohn Stubbings is the head-clown at Clown Alley Orchids. He grows orchids too. Clown Alley has a nice website that shows you what they grow and sell: clown-alley-orchids.myshopify.com. Not surprising for a company in the South is that they specialize in warm growing plants. John will speak on Cattleyas: “Cattleya Orchid Care” includes where the species come from, species photos and general growing recommendations for Cattleya, Laelia, Encyclia, Epidendrum and related genera and hybrids.

Three lectures with enough variety to serve beginner and advanced grower. A whole day of orchid information and plant buying opportunity. We will also have judging that day – bring your best flowers! Lunch and refreshments will be served during the day. Please reserve the date on your calendar today and plan to join us. Please check back here for updates.

The program for the day, schedule, and the registration form can be downloaded here in PDF format: August 2016 Speakers Day. Please note that you must register to participate in this event. Registrations that include lunch must be received no later than August 7, 2016.

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please provide your name and contact information in the form below and we will try to answer your questions promptly.